Pediatric Cardiology Update

The Role of Pediatrician in Pediatric Cardiac Care With Limited Resources

Novotel Hotel Palembang

April 6th-7th, 2019

Countdown Event








dr. Ria Nova, SpA(K)


With the advance of pediatric cardiology, pediatrician in general and pediatric cardiologist specifically have to improve their knowledge and competence in the current treatment of childhood cardiac diseases. In regard to those objectives that Pediatric Cardiology Update VII will be held in Palembang on April 6 th and 7 th , 2019.

The event will encompass exploration of topics frequently encountered by pediatricians and general practitioners, in hope that childhood cardiac diseases can be detected as early as possible and initial treatment can be provided even with limited resources, before referral to tertiary services.

The Pediatric Cardiology Update VII is organized by Pediatric Cardiology Working Group in conjunction with the Indonesian Pediatric Society Branch of South Sumatera, Department of Child Health of Sriwijaya University Medical Faculty/Dr. Mohammad Hoesin General Hospital Palembang, and the Indonesian Physicians Association South Sumatera Region.


Chairman of Indonesian Medical Association of South Sumatera Region
Rector of Universitas Sriwijaya
Advisory Board
Dean of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Sriwijaya
Director of Dr. Mohammad Hoesin Hospital Palembang
Prof. dr. Rusdi Ismail, SpA(K)
Prof. dr. Zarkasih Anwar, SpA(K)
Steering Committee
Chairman of Cardiology Working Group Indonesian Pediatric Society
dr. Noormanto,SpA(K)
Secretary of Cardiology Working Group Indonesian Pediatric Society
dr. Rahmat Budi K, SpA(K)
Chairman of Indonesian Pediatric Society of South Sumatera Branch
dr. Silvia Triratna, SpA(K)
Head of Department of Child Health Faculty of Medicine Universitas Sriwijaya
dr.Yusmala, SpA(K)
Organizing Committee
dr. Ria Nova, SpA(K)
General secretary
dr. Deny Salverra Yosy, SpA(K), M.Kes
dr. RA Myrna Alia, SpA(K), M.Kes
Funding and partnership
dr. Achirul Bakri, SpA(K)
dr. Ziske Machmudi, SpA
dr. Syarif Darwin Anshori, SpA(K)
dr. Meliza Zubir, SpA
dr. KH. Yantjik, SpA(K)
dr. Herman Bermawi, SpA(K)
dr. HM. Nazir, SpA(K)
dr. Eka Intan Fitriana, SpA(K), M.Kes
dr. Atika Akbari, SpA
dr. Virdayanty, SpA
Scientific and event
DR. dr. Yulia Iriani, SpA(K)
dr. RA Myrna Alia, SpA(K), M.Kes
dr. Yudianita Kesuma, SpA(K), M.Kes
dr. Msy Rita Dewi, SpA(K), MARS
dr. Rismarini, SpA(K)
dr. Dewi Rosariah Ayu, SpA
dr. Indrayady, SpA(K)
dr. Afifa Ramadanty, SpA(K)
dr. Fifi Sofiah, SpA(K)
dr. Moretta Damayanty, SpA(K), M.Kes
Food & beverages
dr. Elvietha Alamanda, SpA, M.Sc.
dr. Julniar M. Tasli, SpA(K)
Information & technology
dr. R.M. Indra, SpA(K)
dr. Azwar Aruf, SpA, M.Sc.
dr. Hertanti Indah Lestari, SpA(K)
dr. Aditiawati, SpA(K)
dr. Hasri Salwan, SpA(K)
dr. Hadi Asyik, SpA
dr. Prakanita, SpA
dr. Dian Puspita Sari, SpA(K), M.Kes
Equipment : dr. Julius Anzar, SpA(K)
Permit and security : dr. Syamsul Rizal, SpA