Scientific Programme


TimeProgramme Speaker 
07.00 - 08.00Registration & Coffee Morning
08.00 - 08.20Opening
Chairman of the organizing committeedr. Ria Nova, SpA(K)
Chairman of the Cardiology Working Group Indonesian Pediatric Societydr. Noormanto, SpA(K)
Chairman of Indonesian Pediatric Society of South Sumatra Branchdr. Silvia Triratna, SpA(K)
08.20 - 09.10Session I:
Challenges in Pediatric Cardiology Service and Training in ASEAN
Moderator : Prof. dr. Rusdi Ismail, SpA(K)
08.20 - 09.40Challenges in Pediatric Cardiology Service in the Era of ASEAN Economic CommunityProf. Dr. dr. Sukman Tulus Putra, SpA(K). FACC, FESC
08.40 - 09.00Future Trends of Pediatric Cardiology Training in Asia Pacific RegionDr. Hasri Sasmion MD, M. Med, FNHAM, FAsCC
09.00 - 09.10Discussion
09.10 - 09.30Opening of Industrial Exhibition
Coffee Break
09.30 - 10.50Session II:
Congenital Heart Disease: From Basic to Practice
Moderator : dr. Ria Nova, SpA(K)
09.30 - 09.50Heart Failure in Congenital Heart Disease: From Hemodynamic Changes to Treatmentdr. Sasmito, SpA(K)
09.50 - 10.10Cyanosis & Cyanotic Spell : What Pediatrician Should Know & Do?dr. Sri Lilijanti, SpA(K)
10.10 - 10.30Recurrent Pneumonia in Congenital Heart Disease: Treatment Approachdr. M. Ali, SpA(K)
10.30 - 10.50Discussion
10.50 - 12.00Session III:
Pediatric Cardiac Emergencies
Moderator : dr. Silvia Triratna, SpA(K)
10.50 - 11.10Pediatric Chest Pain: How to Identify Risk Factors for Serious Conditiondr. Alit Utamayasa, SpA(K)
11.10 - 11.30Identification of Arrhythmias in Children: Tips & TricksProf. Dr.dr. Mulyadi M. Djer, SpA(K)
11.30 - 11.50Shock Cardiogenic vs. Shock Sepsis: Practical Approach of Diagnosis and Treatmentdr. Rizky Ardiansyah, SpA(K)
11.50 - 12.00Discussion
12.00 - 12.30Lunch Symposium :
The role of IVIG treatment in Kawasaki Disease
Moderator : Dr. dr. David Kaunang, SpA(K)
Speaker : Dr. dr. Nadjib Advani, SpA(K), M.Med(Paed)
12.30 - 13.00Break and Pray
13.00 - 17.00Workshop
WS 1WS 2WS 3WS 4
Pediatric ECG Made EasyIdentification of Critical Congenital Heart Disease in Daily PracticeHow to Interpret
Cardiac Sounds in Children
Basic Pediatric
Echocardiography (Part 1)
Dr. dr. Anindita Soetadji, SpA(K)dr. Rahmat Budi Kuswiyanto SpA(K)dr. Herlina Dimiyanti, SpA(K)dr. Shirley Leonita, SpA(K)
TimeProgramme Speaker 
08.00 - 09.20Session I:
Cardio vascular problems in preterm infant
Moderator : dr. Noormanto, SpAK
08.00 - 09.20Should we treat hypotension in preterm infant?Dr. dr. Rinawati Rohsiswatmo, SpA(K)
08.20 - 08.40Current evidence of pharmacotherapy to close patent ductusarteriosus in preterm infantDr. dr. Ni Putu Veny Kartika Yantie, SpA(K)
08.40 - 09.00Pulmonary hypertension and prematurityDr. dr. Nikmah Salamia Idris, SpA(K),PhD
09.00 - 09.20Discussion
09.20 - 09.35Coffee Break
09.35 - 10.55Session II:
Evidence, ethic, and expand competency in Congenital Heart Disease
Moderator : dr. Achirul Bakri, SpA(K)
09.35 - 09.55Echocardiography for pediatrician: Do we need to expand the competency?Dr. Haifa binti Abdul Latiff, MBBS, M.Med, FNHAM,FAsCC
09.55 - 10.15Adult Congenital Heart Disease Optimal Care in limited resourcesProf. Dr. Teddy Ontoseno, dr., SpA(K)
10.15 - 10.35Improving quality of care: Scientific evidence or real world evidence?Prof. Dr. dr. Sudigdo Sastroasmoro, SpA(K)
10.35 - 10.55Discussion
10.55 - 12.15Session III:
The Role of primary care provider in the management of acquired heart disease
Moderator : dr. Renny Suwarniaty, ,SpA(K)
10.55 - 11.15Rheumatic fever: Primary Vs. secondary prophylaxis in clinical practicedr. Tina Tobing, SpA(K)
11.15 - 11.35Myocarditis diphtheria: Old enemy has back!dr. AgusPriyatno, SpA(K)
11.35 - 11.55Practical approach of endocarditis prevention in daily practicesDr. dr. Sri Endah R, SpA(K)
11.55 - 12.15Discussion
12.15 - 12.45Lunch symposium: Nutritional care in children with heart diseaseModerator : dr. Santoso Soeroso, SpA(K), MARS
Speaker : dr. Julius Anzar, SpA(K)
12.45 - 13.15Break and Pray
13.15 - 17.15WORKSHOP
WS 1WS 2WS 3WS 4
Pediatric ECG Made EasyIdentification of
Critical Congenital Heart Disease
in Daily Practice
How to Interpret
Cardiac Sounds in Children
Basic Pediatric
Echocardiography (Part 2)
Dr. dr. Anindita Soetadji, SpA(K)dr. Rahmat Budi Kuswiyanto,
dr. Herlina Dimiyati,SpA(K)dr. Shirley Leonita, SpA(K)